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Is this the Masterplan of Arizona Business Man and German Citizen Klaus Marcus Bucklemund to ‘legally’ Aquire $98K without earning one Cent of this amount and taking money from Businesses and Private Individuals in 5 states and 5 countries whilst avoiding paying tax to IRS.

  1. Sell parts held on consignment without paying supplier and then Conceal sales from supplier
  2. Take money from customers without supplying goods
  3. Don’t pay for goods purchased
  4. Don’t pay banks and financial services
  5. Borrow money from friends and family and don’t repay them
  6. Ensure most amounts owed are not too large
  7. Spread the amounts owed across many states and different countries
  8. Hope that any person or business owed money doesn’t pursue them through the court
  9. Have one rule – don’t pay any creditors at any cost, even if he has to pay for an Attorney
  10. Being a Mormon means he will be able to get a Mormon Attorney who will collude with him. Keep up payments to Mormon Church to ensure their continued support
  11. Declare Bankruptcy –chapter 13
  12. Come out of bankruptcy
  13. Set up a LLC and transfer all assets to his new company
  14. Declare chapter 7 bankruptcy at some point in the future and have all his debts discharged
  15. $98K is now legally his own and his creditors have been fleeced of their money with the full support of the USA and Arizona legal services
  16. Most people work for their money. Marcus is different.
  17. Will Marcus Bucklemund then shut up shop and move himself and his ill gotten gains back to his home country having obtained the maximum benefit from his stay in the USA?

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