Parts scammed by Convicted Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund contravenes Arizona Statute 44-1219

Arizona State Statute 44-1219

.Sale, removal or concealment of encumbered property; classification

A. It is unlawful for a person who has mortgaged personal property to another, or who has possession of personal property under a contract of sale whereby the vendor retains title, to:

  1. During the existence of the mortgage or contract, and without first obtaining the written consent of the mortgagee or vendor or their assignees, sell, transfer or in any manner encumber such property without first fully advising the person to whom the sale, transfer or encumbrance is to be made, of the facts of the prior mortgage or contract of sale.
  2. Conceal, take, drive or otherwise dispose of or destroy any of the encumbered property contrary to the provisions of the mortgage or contract.
  3. Remove the property or any part thereof from the county where the property was located when the contract or mortgage was made, if the property is other than an automobile, and if an automobile, to remove the automobile from the state.

B. A person who violates any provisions of this section is guilty of a class 5 felony.

C. In addition to the punishment prescribed in subsection B, the court shall impose a penalty equal to the amount of any expense incurred by the sheriff in out-of-state travel, which has been reimbursed by the board of supervisors as provided by section 11-444. Upon payment of the penalty such sum shall be transmitted to the board of supervisors.

What is a class 5 felony - jail term of 18 months

Bankruptcy Law: Bankruptcy Crime

Court Judgement in The Superior Court of the State of Arizona against Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund, Sculpture Cycles of at 260 South Alma School Road, Suite number 124, Mesa, Arizona

 Read this document in its entirety and see the courts judgement and the amounts that Klaus Marcus Bucklemund owes. There was a separate judgement for court fees which you can see below

Court Judgement about Legal fees by Klaus Marcus Bucklemund (member of Mesa Mormon LDS Church), Sculpture Cycles and at 260 S. Alma School Rd. Suite #124, Mesa, Arizona

 Following the court judgement about the money owed to me by Klaus Marcus Bucklemund, Sculpture Cycles at 260 S. Alma School Rd. Suite #124, Mesa, Arizona, the court made a separate judgement about Attorney my favour

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund, at 260 S. Alma School Rd. Suite #124, Mesa, Arizona 85210 and Member of the Mesa Mormon Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints

 This is the Bankruptcy petition of Klaus Marcus Bucklemund. Points of interest are


  1. List of Creditors and amounts owed
  2. Payments to the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints
  3. Owning 2 guns - whilst not illegal in the USA, it shows a perverted sense of priority
  4. Income and expenses either indicates Klaus Marcus Bucklemund is a lousy business man, in urgent need of a good accountant or a scammer? Judge for yourself


Read this document and you might come to the same conclusion about this guy as I and the other creditors have come to

Letter to Ronald Hoffbauer,Edward Maney from Office of Chapter 13 Trustee requesting details of large cash withdrawals by Klaus Marcus Bucklemund of from his bank account just prior to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition application

Marcus Bucklemund took cash withdrawals from his accounts as follows: 

National Bank #5374:  
6/7/09:     $1000 cash
5/4/09:     $3000 CHECK  #0                              
4/17/2009:  $10,000 CHECK  #0
6/7/2010:   $1000.00 CHECK CASH
and the for more information.
Money withdrawn for personal spending spree....but what about his creitors?

Letter to Timothy Steadman, Attorney to Klaus Marcus Bucklemund (member of Mormon Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints)of Sculpture Cycles at 260 S. Alma School Rd. Suite #124, Mesa, Arizona about registered vehicles in his name

 copies of vehicles titled and registered in the name of Sculpture Cycles or Klaus-Marcus Buckelemund who has listed only two of  the vehicles on his schedules. None of these vehicles have been declared in his IRS tax assessments with the presumption that he has something to hide.

Picture of Sculpture Cycles Premises at 260 S. Alma School Rd. Suite #124, Mesa, AZ 85210 where Mesa Fraudster Mormon Klaus Marcus Bucklemund operates a Fraudulant business taking money from, relations and customers and keeps and spends the proceeds

 Apart from sign in back of pickup there is no shop sign outside the premises of Klaus Marcus Bucklemund, proud owner of Sculpture Cycles. Does he have something to hide? If you phone his business you will get his answerphone. Klaus Marcus Bucklemund once told me he didnt answer his phone because he needed to screen out any creditors. It doesnt take much thought to know why he didnt want to talk to them.
They sell........or sometimes they take your money and dont supply the following.....v-rod custom parts, custom motorcycle frames, chopper frames, Walz Hardcore Cycles and Penz Performance Harley and custom frames, radical custom motorcycles, v-rod custom parts, chopper frames, custom v-rods, motorcycle Parts , custom Harley davidson exhaust, custom gas tanks,  custom front ends for motorcycles, custom strutless fender, custom wide tire kits for Harley Davidson motorcycles

The money stolen by Klaus Marcus Bucklemund is enough to pay the rent on these premises for over 4 years

Facebook entry for Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund and Sculpture Cycles of at 260 South Alma School Road, Suite number 124, Mesa, Arizona 85210. Marcus is a member of the Mormon Church and is a fraudster

see Sculpture Cycles on Facebook

This is what Klaus Marcus Bucklemund says on his Facebook

There is this idiot out there, who put up a fake profile under 'Klaus Marcus Bucklemund', trying to ruin my business by spreading lies about me and my company. If you get a  friend request, please report him to facebook.

Comment from me - One guess who he calls the Idiot - just for exposing what he is really like!

Now you know who was telling the lies!

Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund dishonestly fakes his IRS Assessments to avoid paying tax to the Arizona and Federal Government

USA, along with many western countries is experiencing difficult times, living off credit to bail out the banks and getting the economy back on the right track. It doesnt help if a few people, like Marcus Bucklemund avoid paying any tax by
1. not declaring business sales and assets
2. including his personal costs along with his business costs to produce a fake net nil profit for his business

overall effect is he doesnt pay tax - he doesnt pay his creditors and he doesnt help the country

Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund - Two Powerful Handguns and two Powerful Rifles - Please keep away and don't ask for your money back

To: Area Presidencies, Area Authority Seventies, Temple Presidents, Stake Presidents, Bishops, and Branch Presidents in Utah

Dear Brethren:

Firearms in Houses of Worship

Churches are dedicated for the worship of God and as havens from the cares and concerns of the world. The carrying of lethal weapons, concealed or otherwise, within their walls is inappropriate except as required by officers of the law. Utah law permits churches or other organizations operating houses of worship to prohibit firearms. Any person, including a person licensed to carry a concealed firearm, who knowingly and intentionally transports a firearm into a house of worship or who, while in possession of a firearm, enters or remains in a house of worship where firearms have been prohibited, is guilty of a crime. An exception will be provided for law enforcement personnel, as contemplated by law. The church plans to invoke the Utah law and give public notice that firearms are prohibited in the church's houses
of worship, including temples, meetinghouses, the Assembly Hall, the Salt Lake Tabernacle, and the Conference Center. Scouting merit badge and other activities where firearms are legitimately involved should be held in facilities other than houses of worship. Once such public notice is given, persons who bring firearms into a church house of worship should be informed of the church's position and politely asked to take their firearms to another safe location. Persons who refuse to take their firearms from the house of worship or repeatedly ignore the church's prohibition should be referred to local law enforcement officers for possible criminal prosecution. However, every reasonable effort should be made to avoid confrontation and to defuse emotional situations so as to prevent violence and misunderstanding. Questions regarding particular situations may be referred to the Church Security Department and the Church's Office of General Counsel at church headquarters.

Sincerely your brethren,


Gordon B. Hinckley, Thomas S. Monson, James E. Faust


You must make your own judgement whether you believe Klaus Marcus Bucklemund who owes $98K to 22 creditors and who doesnt answer his phone or emails needs these guns and under what situations he would be prepared to use them. I for one wont be testing him out........AR Harley

this gun is documented here on page number 11

Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund owns a SMITH AND WESSON REVOLVER .357 - A violent man needs powerful weapons to protect himself from unhappy customers.

The .357 Magnum revolver cartridge was devised by Elmer Keith and Phillip Sharp of Winchester Rifle and ammunition makers in association with Smith & Wesson in the 1930's. The cartridge was based upon the .38 Special but with much more power. The .357 Magnum was released for sale in 1935 and its popularity has never waned.

this gun is documented here on page 11

Nazi Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund owns a SKS 7.69mm Soviet Assault RIFLE - Why?? and why an 'Assault' rifle. Not a hunting rifle - an Assault Rifle!

A standard SKS is semi-automatic and has a fixed/hinged 10 round internal magazine which is loaded from the top of the rifle either by manually inserting the ammunition one round at a time or with a 10-round stripper clip. In typical military use the stripper clips are disposable. If necessary they can be reloaded multiple times and reused. The SKS is a gas-operated weapon that has a spring-loaded operating rod and a gas piston rod that work the action via gas pressure pushing against them. Also, it has a "tilting bolt" action locking system. Some variants of the SKS have been modified, with limited success, to accept AK-47 detachable magazines (military rifles designed with fixed magazines often experience feed jams when modified to accept detachable magazines, and the SKS is no exception). Norinco had, at one point, manufactured the SKS-M, SKS-D, and MC-5D models which were engineered from the factory to accept AKM magazines without problems (though the wood stock must be relieved to accept drum magazines). The SKS also has a slightly longer barrel than AK-series rifles, with a fractionally higher muzzle velocity. The SKS can be quickly reloaded using disposable 10-round stripper clips. While early Russian models had spring-loaded firing pins, most variants of the SKS have a free floating firing pin within the bolt. Because of this design, care must be taken during cleaning (especially after long storage) to ensure that the firing pin does not stick in the forward position within the bolt. SKS firing pins that are stuck in the forward position have been known to cause accidental "slamfires" (uncontrolled automatic fire that empties the magazine, starting when the bolt is released). This behavior is less likely with the hard primer military-spec ammo for which the SKS was designed, but as with any rifle users should properly maintain their firearms. For collectors, slamfires are more likely when the bolt still has remnants of cosmoline embedded in it. The firing pin is triangular in cross section, and slamfires can also result if the firing pin is inserted upside down. Third party kits are available that can put old-style spring-loaded firing pins in SKS's that did not come with them, increasing the reliability and reducing the chance of slamfires. In most variants (pre 1970 Yugoslav models being the most notable exception), the barrel is chrome-lined for increased wear and heat tolerance from sustained fire and to resist corrosion from chlorate primed corrosive ammunition, as well as to facilitate cleaning. Chrome bore lining is common in military rifles. Although it can diminish practical accuracy, this is not a real limit on field grade accuracy in a weapon of this type. All military SKSs have a bayonet attached to the underside of the barrel, which is extended and retracted via a spring-loaded hinge (some are removable whereas some are permanent). Both blade and spike bayonets were produced. The SKS is easily field stripped and reassembled with no tools. The rifle has a cleaning kit stored in a trapdoor in the buttstock, with a cleaning rod running under the barrel, in the same style as the AK-47. In common with some other Soviet-era designs, the SKS trades some accuracy for ruggedness, reliability, ease of maintenance, ease of use, and low manufacturing cost. The SKS is a simple design that is highly effective and rugged.

this gun is documented here on page number 11

Another version of the SKS 7.69mm Calibre Assault Rifle(yes, 'Assault'rifle) owned by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klause Marcus Bucklemund. He needs an 'Assault' rifle in case unhappy customers call on him

In a civilised country like the USA why does a member of the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints need an assault rifle for?



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