Parts scammed by Convicted Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund contravenes Arizona Statute 44-1219

Arizona State Statute 44-1219

.Sale, removal or concealment of encumbered property; classification

A. It is unlawful for a person who has mortgaged personal property to another, or who has possession of personal property under a contract of sale whereby the vendor retains title, to:

  1. During the existence of the mortgage or contract, and without first obtaining the written consent of the mortgagee or vendor or their assignees, sell, transfer or in any manner encumber such property without first fully advising the person to whom the sale, transfer or encumbrance is to be made, of the facts of the prior mortgage or contract of sale.
  2. Conceal, take, drive or otherwise dispose of or destroy any of the encumbered property contrary to the provisions of the mortgage or contract.
  3. Remove the property or any part thereof from the county where the property was located when the contract or mortgage was made, if the property is other than an automobile, and if an automobile, to remove the automobile from the state.

B. A person who violates any provisions of this section is guilty of a class 5 felony.

C. In addition to the punishment prescribed in subsection B, the court shall impose a penalty equal to the amount of any expense incurred by the sheriff in out-of-state travel, which has been reimbursed by the board of supervisors as provided by section 11-444. Upon payment of the penalty such sum shall be transmitted to the board of supervisors.

What is a class 5 felony - jail term of 18 months

Bankruptcy Law: Bankruptcy Crime

Nazi Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund owns a Smith & Wesson M&P45 - Black - Thumb Safety The price is $619.00 Suggested Retail

    * Model: M&P45
    * Caliber: .45ACP
    * Capacity: 10+1 Rounds
    * Barrel Length: 4.5"
    * Front Sight: White Dot Dovetail
    * Rear Sight: Steel Low Profile Carry
    * Trigger Pull: 7 lbs.
    * Trigger Travel: Rest to Fire .300
    * Trigger Reset: Approx. .140"
    * Frame: Large
    * Finish: Slide and Barrel Black Melonite®, 68HRc
    * Material: Zytel Polymer Frame, Stainless Steel Barrel/Slide and Structural Components
    * Overall Length: 8.05"
    * Weight Empty (No Mag): 29.6 oz
    * Overall Height: 5.5" / 13.9 cm
    * Width: 1.2"
    * Sight Radius: 6.8"
    * Purpose: Personal Protection,  Home Protection, Law Enforcement, Recreational, Competitive

this gun is documented here on page number 11

Chapter 13 Petition for Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund. Page 11 - Firearms

FIREARMS Value according to Klaus Marcus Bucklemund
SKS RIFLE ($100.00)
TOTAL $650

TOTAL $2450

Klaus Marcus Bucklemunds Value of weapons as a percentage of potential true value is only 25%
Even if the second hand price of the handgun and revolver is only 50% of the new price, the values assigned in the petition are excessively low! These guns are large calibre guns meant to stop people by killing or maiming them. They are not purely defensive. Although it can be argued justifiably their potential ability to kill depends largely on how they are used, they will have a higher percentage kill rate because of the amount of damage they can do with a single round. The SKS is a semi automatic assault rifle similar to the AK47 used by armies and terrorists worldwide. It must be questioned why this Klaus Marcus Bucklemund owns an ‘ASSAULT’ rifle?? And what its intended use is??

SMITH AND WESSON REVOLVER .357 is commonly used by Law enforcement agencies throughout USA

SMITH AND WESSON 45 ACP HANDGUN is commonly used by USA armed forces

SKS rifle has been in use with all the ex Soviet Bloc countries as well as the Chinese Army

The major users of these weapons have chosen them because of their effectiveness or to put it bluntly, they are good at killing people when required to do so! Under  valueing assets is a way of concealing monies from creditors

Mesa Mormon Paedophile Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund advertises on EBAY

see Sculpture Cycles Ebay Store

One myth to put a dent in is the one about Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemunds poverty - Compared to most Americans he is more than OK

One myth to put a dent in is the one about Marcus poverty. for example

  • annual sales of up to $200K - many solvent Arizona businesses would be overjoyed at such income
  • He pays no income tax to the IRS
  • bike sales of $65K
  • creditors owed $98K - this money has all gone into his pocket
  • his ability to pay some Attorneys and Bankruptcy Petition - $10k+
  • His stated frugal and low cost living
  • Avoiding banks to conceal his assets
  • needing money as working capital. He doesnt do any work on bikes without being paid. He doesnt send parts to anyone without having first secured payment. He would secure payment before he even purchases the parts from his sources.
  • He advertises parts on EBay.........which means he either has something to sell already or easy access to parts once he has been paid by purchaser. In other words.....what does he need working capital for.
  • Work on customers bikes that are brought to him in his shop can be done with staged payments. Their bikes also provide security for payment.
  • A life subsidised by all his creditors

    When it comes to money - other peoples money..........its his retirement fund.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne - I help Marcus Bucklemund defraud because he's a Mormon and I depend on Mormon votes to stay in office

Consumer fraud, as defined by Arizona law, is any deception, false statement, false pretense, false promise or misrepresentation made by a seller or advertiser of merchandise. In addition, concealment, suppression or failure to disclose a material fact may be consumer fraud if it is done with the intent that others rely on such concealment, suppression or nondisclosure. Merchandise may include any objects, wares, goods, commodities, intangibles, real estate or services. The Arizona Attorney General has the authority to bring actions alleging violations of the Consumer Fraud Act. Sometimes the enforcement authority is delegated to County Attorneys. A private citizen can also bring an action for a violation of the Consumer Fraud Act within one year from the date the claim arises. If you believe you have been the victim of consumer fraud, you should first contact the company in writing and specifically request the relief that you feel is appropriate. You may also file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office.

Paedophile Nathaniel Tanner from Phoenix, Arizona. Partner of Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund. Nathaniel Tanner used Bucklemund as Trustee of three Housing ownerships in Arizona. A Partner in Crime??

see Linkedin

and Nathaniel Tanner website

Applied Materials Inc. engineer PETER BUCKLEMUND from Karl, Bayern, Germany is Owed $4,500 by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Marcus Bucklemund of Sculpture Cycles, Mesa 85210, Arizona, USA

I truly understand your sense of loyalty to your brother but blind loyalty can be very damaging. Dishonesty between brothers is ultimately very, very damaging to your relationship which you may eventually find out to your cost. Marcus is using your loyalty as a weapon against you to hide the fact that he is defrauding you. He is not poor and can repay you (and me) many times over. His words and his manner of speaking may have convinced you that he has no money to repay us and that is as he intended. Many others know the real Marcus and I am sorry to tell you that you and wrong. It will help Marcus more if you can tell him to stop defrauding people, follow a different path and follow the principles of the Mormon faith.

see                 see


Peter Bucklemund, Engineer for Applied Materials Inc. from Karl, Bayern, Germany. A member of the Bucklemund crime family.

This is Peter's facebook picture.

COX COMMUNICATIONS, PO BOX 78071 PHOENIX, AZ 85062-8071 USA Owed $137 stolen by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund of Sculpture Cycles, Mesa 85210, Arizona

DAVIS MILES, PLLC, PO BOX 15070 MESA, AZ 85211-3070 USA Owed $5,775.36 stolen by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund of Sculpture Cycles, Mesa 85210, Az

FEDEX, P.O. BOX 1140 MEMPHIS, TN 38101-1140 USA Owed $505.00 stolen by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund of Sculpture Cycles, 260 South Alma School Road, Mesa 85210, Az

Discover Financial Services, Lake COOK RD. DEERFIELD, IL 60015-3851 USA Owed $5,997.00 stolen by Mesa Mormon Marcus Bucklemund of Sculpture Cycles, Mesa 85210, Arizona





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