Convicted Fraudster Mormon Klaus Marcus Bucklemund Defrauds US$100000+ from 24 people & Businesses

  1. WORLDMARK BY WYNDHAM, USA         US$2000
  2. Bank of America, USA                                US$4,944.31
  3. Bossier HD, USA                                         US$3,464.00
  4. CAPITAL ONE, USA                                     US$110.26
  5. Citifinancial Retail Services, USA             US$1,525.00
  6. COX COMMUNICATIONS, USA                 US$137
  7. DAVIS MILES, PLLC, USA                          US$5,775.36
  8. DEAN BINDENAGEL, USA                         US$20,000.00
  9. Discover Financial Services, USA            US$5,997.00
  10. FEDEX, USA                                                 US$505.00
  11. Goldammer Cycle Works, Canada          US$2,518.13
  12. Hot Dreams Marbella, Spain                    US$2,000.00 
  13. Pam Spring, USA                                        US£148
  14. PETER BUCKLEMUND,  Germany         US$4,500.00
  15. Peter John Porrata, USA                           US$2,152.00
  16. QWEST, USA                                               US$154.55
  17. Robert Higa, USA                                       US$3,000.00
  18. SILKE BIRCH, Germany                           US$1,100.00
  19. Steve Autler, USA                                       US$1,400.00
  20. Tony Griffin, USA                                         US$3,612.00
  21. Toolcraft, USA                                              US$900.00
  22. WARREN ROBERTSON, USA                 US$10,000.00
  23. Alistair Harley, UK                                      US$25000
  24. PASCAL DELVILLE, FRANCE                  US$10,425.00

Klaus Marcus Bucklemund makes a IRS assessments claiming no business profit, Pays his rent, pays his bills, pays his insurance, buys his food and daily living costs, Pays no tax and owes $98K - Guess who pays to subsidise his life. In other words his creditors have become his Social security payments!

and much, much more!              Bankruptcy Fraud | Criminal Law

Many thanks to Mormons Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Mesa President Daryl Garn, Charles Brent Bulloch and Delbert Tingey. Why did they fail? Because Klaus Marcus Bucklemund is a Fraudster and a Mormon

My thanks go out to these people in helping  Klaus Marcus Bucklemund understand his responsibilities to his beliefs and to myself. Its only a pity he hasnt listened and carries on as normal

Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund has a life financed and subsidised by his creditors to more than six times the Arizona annual minimum wage

Arizona minimum wage is $7.35 / hr or $15288 (40 hr week x 52) annually. Marcus therefore owes and has spent the equivalent of 6 people’s annual wages or 6 years worth of wages that many people in the USA actually live on.

Open Letter to Brendon Bushchi - Purchaser of Green Steroid Motorcycle. Sold to you by Mesa Mormon Klaus Marcus Bucklemund

Brendon. You have paid for a motorcycle from parts that do not belong to the seller, Klaus Marcus Bucklemund. You have also paid a further $4000 for additional parts to be mounted. Did Klaus Marcus Bucklemund inform you of these facts before he sold the motorcycle to you. Please contact me to discuss

WORLDMARK BY WYNDHAM, PO BOX 97976 LAS VEGAS, NV 89193-7976 USA owed US$2000 - stolen by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund of Sculpture Cycles, Mesa 85210, Arizona

Bank of America, P.O. BOX 15026 WILMINGTON, DE 19850-5026 USA Owed $4944.31 US Dollars by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund

Bossier Harley Davidson, 3333 E. TEXAS STreet BOSSIER CITY, LA 71111 USA Owed $3464 US Dollars by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund

CAPITAL ONE, 15000 CAPITAL ONE DR RICHMOND, VA 23238 USA Owed $110.26 US Dollars by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund

Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund - why he rarely answers his telephone and is reluctant to reply to emails?
  1. Before customers place their orders he will be eager to talk to customers
  2. When customers send their money is is very helpful
  3. After many months waiting for order to be delivered his phone and your emails will not be anwered
  4. Eventually he will come up with his usual lame excuses. Below is Marcus response to someone who paid $10400 some 11 months ago


 I know you’re angry, and rightfully so. However, pushing me is not going to help. My business is in serious trouble, and I’m doing everything I can to save it. Attached is my bank statement, covering the last 3 months. That’ll show you that I’m not just making stuff up. I'm sorry for the delay, as I said, I do what I can.

Best Regards.........Marcus Bucklemund


His attached bank statement had no name/account number to identify as his statement. The above words from Marcus have been well practised over previous years of scamming people. Even his own family.

His words indicate he wont pay and the more you push him the less likely you will receive anything

Mesa Mormon Paedophile Klaus Marcus Bucklemund - Customer Service Department? He normally keeps this under his pickup truck seat

OMP(BAC) Brake Master Cylinder Lever controls for Brake and Clutch - Stolen by Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund, Arizona USA

Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund advertises frame for sale that he cant make and cant supply - To act as bait to scam money from customers. How low can he get?

Marcus stopped making these frames 5 years ago. Yet he continues to advertise and sell them and take customers money and then keeps it. In 2011 he sold this frame and other parts to a french guy for $10400+ and has kept the money.

Mesa Mormon Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund advertises this custom gas tank for sale even though its not available. Why? To scam unsuspecting customers out of their money of course

This custom gas tank is not even made, so how can he sell it? Because its bait for his next scam!



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