Convicted Fraudster Mormon Klaus Marcus Bucklemund Defrauds US$100000+ from 24 people & Businesses

  1. WORLDMARK BY WYNDHAM, USA         US$2000
  2. Bank of America, USA                                US$4,944.31
  3. Bossier HD, USA                                         US$3,464.00
  4. CAPITAL ONE, USA                                     US$110.26
  5. Citifinancial Retail Services, USA             US$1,525.00
  6. COX COMMUNICATIONS, USA                 US$137
  7. DAVIS MILES, PLLC, USA                          US$5,775.36
  8. DEAN BINDENAGEL, USA                         US$20,000.00
  9. Discover Financial Services, USA            US$5,997.00
  10. FEDEX, USA                                                 US$505.00
  11. Goldammer Cycle Works, Canada          US$2,518.13
  12. Hot Dreams Marbella, Spain                    US$2,000.00 
  13. Pam Spring, USA                                        US£148
  14. PETER BUCKLEMUND,  Germany         US$4,500.00
  15. Peter John Porrata, USA                           US$2,152.00
  16. QWEST, USA                                               US$154.55
  17. Robert Higa, USA                                       US$3,000.00
  18. SILKE BIRCH, Germany                           US$1,100.00
  19. Steve Autler, USA                                       US$1,400.00
  20. Tony Griffin, USA                                         US$3,612.00
  21. Toolcraft, USA                                              US$900.00
  22. WARREN ROBERTSON, USA                 US$10,000.00
  23. Alistair Harley, UK                                      US$25000
  24. PASCAL DELVILLE, FRANCE                  US$10,425.00

Klaus Marcus Bucklemund makes a IRS assessments claiming no business profit, Pays his rent, pays his bills, pays his insurance, buys his food and daily living costs, Pays no tax and owes $98K - Guess who pays to subsidise his life. In other words his creditors have become his Social security payments!

and much, much more!              Bankruptcy Fraud | Criminal Law

Peter Bucklemund - Brother to Klaus Marcus Bucklemund and fellow Nazi. Brothers in arms, brothers in religion and brothers in beliefs - why earn if you have the skill to steal?

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works at Bochum University in Germany

Immigration tactics aimed at boosting deportations - Is Klaus Marcus Bucklemund, a German National, the next in line for this honour? He certainly qualifies

Immigration officials approved new tactics for deporting convicted criminals. Some approaches were aimed at increasing deportations of people charged with minor crimes.  Changes were part of push to make sure government didn't fall short of deportation targets

WASHINGTON — U.S. immigration officials laid out plans last year that would ratchet up expulsions of immigrants convicted of minor crimes as part of an urgent push to make sure the government would not fall short of its criminal deportation targets, new records obtained by USA TODAY show.

Among those new tactics — detailed in interviews and internal e-mails — were trolling state driver's license records for information about foreign-born applicants, dispatching U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to traffic safety checkpoints conducted by police departments, and processing more illegal immigrants who had been booked into jails for low-level offenses. Records show ICE officials in Washington approved some of those steps.

President Obama's administration has made deporting convicted criminals a central feature of its immigration policy, while also saying it would halt some efforts to remove low-priority immigrants who pose little risk to public safety. Immigration advocates who have largely supported the administration said ICE's urgent effort to boost deportations last year suggested the agency had veered from that approach.

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